Princess Mimi

Creative fun for the little ones!

Hello little princesses! Welcome to the colourful and creative world of Princess Mimi! Mimi is a little princess who loves beautiful dresses, never uses make-up without glitter and enjoys painting, doing handicrafts and dancing. She's always happy and has lots of fun and exciting adventures together with her animal friends.

Princess Mimi's large castle and beautiful garden are easily transformed into a playground for fantasy and creativity. A wide variety of Princess Mimi creative books are available for colouring, arts and crafts, sticking and gluing. You can cuddle up cosily with the cuddly soft plush animals. And have you heard about Princess Mimi's magic wand? Or her colourful hair chalks and Mimi's glitter cosmetics? No? Then have fun discovering them!


Princess Mimi's magical world is very close

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