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Princess Mimi and her friends

Princess Mimi

Princess Mimi is a whirlwind with a kind heart. She is very inquisitive and has exciting adventures every day. Princess Mimi loves to dance and play with her friends. She is smart and funny - and the best friend you could ever wish for.

Bella the Hippo

Cuddle alarm! The first thing Bella does when you get close to her is to give you a big hug. She is sooo gentle, but sometimes also a bit clumsy. When Bella isn't busy cuddling someone, she likes to eat - a lot. Preferably together with her friends, because then it tastes even better.

Ella the Duck

Splash, splash, dabble! Things often go wrong for clumsy little duck Ella. But that doesn't bother her at all! Quite the contrary. In spite of her little mishaps, Ella is a cheerful, cheeky chick. And sweet as sugar in both meanings of the word, as she can't resist any kind of treat.

Lilly the Elephant

Gracefully elephantine - that's the best way to describe Lilly the elephant. For despite her size, she dances as gracefully as an elf. Lilly is very shy, has a very big heart and is always willing to listen to her friends' problems.

Lou the Cat

Where there is a mirror, Lou the cat is not far away, because she loves everything that you can use to make yourself look beautiful. When she's all dressed up, she turns into a real cuddly cat. But she can also be cheeky and think up little tricks. But they are never really bad. Let's shake paws on it!

Bonny the Pony

Someone who'll go through thick and thin with you - that's Bonny the pony. She is strong, smart and always there for others. Bonny loves to comb and braid her mane, and her ponytail is even longer than Princess Mimi's.

Nelly the Rabbit

Rabbit Nelly is a great daydreamer and has a lot of imagination. Sometimes she is in her own world even though her eyes are open. Back with her friends, she is always sweet and well-behaved - but often also a little bit chicken-hearted.

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